A Quote About A New Me



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An Observation About Memories


Right: am I the only one who has a Signature Sound of Embarrassing Memory? Every time my rambling mind thinks back to something stupid/wrong/inappropriate I did/said, I go “hmh”. Not a speaking “hmh”, but a humming “hmh” (typically a G4-ish note). I go “hmh” a lot. I also often try and pretend it was a cough really. *hmh-cough-cough*

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A Quote About Vulnerability



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An Observation About Outlook


I’m a curious mixture of pessimist and optimist: I fully expect things to go wrong given the opportunity (and there’s always an opportunity, as well you know), but I’m, deep down, also convinced that everything will turn out alright in the end. I also go full on pollyanna if someone actually verbalises a doomsday expectation, and list a dozen ways in which we can prevent the doomsday from happening. Can’t have others feeling down, can we?

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An Observation About Food


Boundaries! Boundaries! The sauce must not touch the salad. Such food plating atrocities can ruin a meal.

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A Quote About Balance



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Be Prepared


One of the things I’ve finally learned since moving in with my SO is that he always allows time for eventualities. If he says it takes 40 minutes to drive somewhere, it will take around 25. If he says he will be back at around 9 o’clock, he’ll return at around 8:15. This gives me slight anxiety as I do not know what time frame I need to mentally prepare for. If I’ve prepared myself to emerge back to the social world from my solitude at 9 pm, it is such a shock to have to do it abruptly at 8:15, I tell you.

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A Quote About Normal



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An Observation About Past To Present


Right: so once upon a time I tweeted something, someone answered rudely, I got palpitations, didn’t reply back, went on with my life, and more or less forgot about. Today, someone liked the rude reply, bringing the whole thing back to my notifications, and now my day is ruined, and I have to try and forget about it all over again.

This is the kind of sensitivity I wish I didn’t have.

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A Quote About Emptiness



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