A Quote About The Strange Pull



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How Very Dare You?


Small inconsiderate acts cause me to react very strongly. Seeing someone cut in line gives rise to astonishment, disbelief, anger, plans of public humiliation of the antisocial bastard, and dreams of a revolution of the kind and considerate. Outwardly, I, er, glare.

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A Quote About An Impenetrable Wall



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Alone In A Room


in the end, I needed to breathe
Find inspiration, some kind of purpose
To take a second to face what makes me, me

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There Might Go The Neighbourhood


Right, so if a change is looming in the near future that will affect my immediate environment and thus my life, should I not be allowed to have a say in said change or at least be kept in the loop about any developments?

The house next door has been put up for sale and apparently not. *sulks*

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A Quote About A Mistake



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A Quote About Liking People



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An Observation About Workplace Etiquette


Is there a polite way to ask a co-worker not to slurp their tea, which they drink at least three mugs of every day? The slurp-gulp-silence-slurp-gulp-silence-slurp-gulp is driving me absolutely bonkers. She puts milk in it and all so it can’t be that hot. #misophoniamisery

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A Poem About Raindrops



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An Observation About Flipouts


I may have just flipped out at a work meeting over a hyphen. Grammatically, it should be there, some visual folks didn’t want it there because the ad “looks better without it”. (Needless to say, I think, that as it should be there, I was of the opinion that it must be there. Why are we even discussing this?) I have now been ostracised from plenty of action because, as someone wrote to my superior, they “do not want to burden” me, as I seem “very stressed out”.

I have no regrets.

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