One Of Those Things That You Just


I was chatting with my boss while she was snacking on a banana, and she stopped to carefully peel off a banana string and then inexplicably ate it. I still shudder in disgust when I think about it.

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A Quote About Assertiveness



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An Observation About Regret


Spending time regretting things that I did or did not do is one of the things I regret.

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A Quote About Showing Up



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HSP Nightmares X


Open-plan offices.

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A Quote About The Best Days



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Jar of Unhelpful Thoughts



Dear reader, this here is my Jar of Unhelpful Thoughts. It has a permanent place on my desk, next to my pen mug. I shall now tell its story.

I used to be a writer who loved having written but for whom the process of writing itself could be absolute agony. The reason it was absolute agony was the constant stream of self-doubt playing in my head: I was so sure that what I wrote would be crap anyway and people would laugh at it that I found it near impossible to write a sentence. Yet, in order to write anything, you have to eventually write sentences, so I would sit there in my absolute agony, second guessing myself, critiquing every single word before I’d even gotten it down to paper, and hating it once it was there.

Yuh, unpleasant, that.

I mentioned this to my lovely SO when I was struggling with an academic article. He nodded and said that I needed a jar. Huh? Yes, a jar. With a lid. Whenever an overly critical thought arises that hinders your work, write it down on a piece of paper, put it in the jar, and close the lid. Repeat as needed.  You have now noted the thought, dealt with it, and even kept it, should you feel the need to revisit the thought again. (Apparently this is a NLP sort of thing) I think I snorted, but then thought, heck, I’ll give it a try as simply trying not to think those thoughts certainly didn’t do the trick. So, I bought a jar.

Over the next articles I worked on I also kept steadily filling the jar with pieces of paper that said things like “I’m useless at this”, “Fairly certain this article doesn’t even have a point”, “This will be rejected anyway so a bit pointless really” and “Reviewer 2 will have a field day with this”. There were things I wrote down more than once, and there were things I wrote down in various reformulations. But: by article three I had run out of these thoughts. I kid you not. Whenever an unhelpful thought began to form, my brain went yeah, you already thought that, it’s right there in the jar. You can take it out and check if you want (I did check a few!). And I was done. I realise this might sound odd, but I’ve honestly never had to struggle with those thoughts again. There’s no agony anymore, just steady-ish work.

My unhelpful thoughts now know their place. It’s in the jar.

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An Observation About A First World Problem


Readers, it turns out our new house is too big. By which I mean that it’s too big of a unit for my sensitivity to handle. There is always, always a room or two, or a corner or a dozen in complete disarray (because life and pets) and it’s like constant mental noise for me to know that it is so. Having my own room (with a door that closes!) helps a lot, but I must say I was most comfortable, housing-wise, when I was living in a one bedroom flat. It was snug and manageable and safe and everything outside of it was Somebody’ Else’s Problem. Ah well, win some, lose some: I have a lovely SO and a lovely collection of cats now, and I distinctly remember wishing I had them when I lived in my beloved flat.  :-)

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A Quote About Neutrality



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An Observation About Boringness


My high sensitivity made me a fantastically boring teenager. I had my first alcoholic drink when it was legal for me to do so. I never tried smoking. I was home by curfew. I have zero interesting teenage escapades to tell. In fairness, I’m also a fairly dull adult and still have few good stories to tell (the most outrageous of my experiences was when I was a student and I got fired from a part-time cleaning job for not smiling when I worked.) (Yes, you read that right.) What can I say, I’d rather stay home, and typically do.

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