An Observation About Accumulation


I fancy a bit of background music so I turn on the radio and set the volume just right. Fifteen minutes later, I come back and turn the volume down a notch. Another fifteen minutes later, I come back and turn the volume down a notch. Another fifteen minutes later, I come back and turn the volume down a notch. After about an hour, I turn the radio off. That’s enough noise stimuli for one day.

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A Quote About Tiredness



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An Observation About Manners


You want to know exactly how polite I am? I dropped a screw in our basement and it rolled into a dimly lit corner. When retrieving it, I realised I put my hand right through a spider web. With a spider on it. And said “Oh I’m so sorry, Mr. Spider”.

-No spiders were harmed during the incident-

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A Quote About Interdependence



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My Apologies For The Late Reply


I was on sick leave from work for two days and feel terribly guilty that people did not receive replies to their emails in a timely manner. That I have the nerve to go and get sick even though people need replies! #bademployee

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Bear With Me Here:


Do you ever feel that a person is feeling A and it’s important, so you cautiously ask if they’re feeling A and they’re like no, and you’re like are you sure ’cause it’s feels like you’re feeling A, and they’re like pfft I’m totally feeling B, and then you don’t know what to do with yourself because who are you to tell other people what they are feeling when they say they feel B even if seems to you it’s clearly A, and what if they and you just conceptualise A and B differently? That?

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A Quote About The Ultimate Explanation



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An Observation About Suitability


If you’re a highly sensitive person, maybe don’t agree to run the social media channels of an animal shelter. Ask me how I know.

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A Quote About Companionable Companions



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HSP Nightmares IX


You’ve made plans to meet with a dear friend. You are looking forward to a cosy tête-à-tête. They bring an extra person.

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