An Observation About The Little Signs


I can tell I’m getting overwhelmed with life when I write down meeting up with a dear friend as a chore on my weekly to-do list.

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A Quote About The World Of Experience



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An Observation About Clicking


Are there any good, bona fide reasons for not turning off the keyboard sounds on your mobile? Signed, Inquiring minds and irritated ears at the next desk want to know.

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A Quote About Freedom



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An Invitation To A Party


*Receives an invitation to a party*: Oh no, I don’t want to go. Will I have to come up with an excuse or can I just say “Aw, I can’t make it”? Or do I have to pop in for a minute in order to be polite? Or can I just not go? Or do I have to go? But I don’t want to go. But should I still go?

*Does not receive an invitation to a party*: Oh no, what did I do? Did I do something to upset them? Did I offend them somehow the last time we met? Maybe they only pretended to like me all this time. Do they in fact hate me? Have I got our relationship all wrong?

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Dive into your increasing depths



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Serene & Sanguine


You know that feeling when you’ve got it together: you’re confident and calm, sure of yourself and of your focus, and ready to face the world and its people?

Could you tell me what it’s like? I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way.

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A Quote About Our Destiny



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An Observation About Forgetting Yourself


I absorb the energy and attitude of a great (super)hero(ine) in a great film to the extent that I feel totally empowered and invincible when I walk out of the cinema. It’s a good thing that no one has ever challenged me to a duel at that point, because I might not remember that IRL I am, in fact, as weak as a kitten.

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Time Is A Choice



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