The High Cost of Sensitivity


My high sensitivity sometimes ends up costing me a lot of money (see e.g. Exhibit A). I will just have the same insurance plans and mobile phone plans and such for ever and ever, because changing them would require asking for offers and negotiating. Gaaah.

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Warmth and Softness



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An Observation About Family


My lovely, lovely niece is 9 years old. She loves books and animals. She has always taken time to be alone in her room, to read and talk to her toys and to herself, and now write. She is full of compassion for all living beings. She notices how people are feeling and tries to make them happy and comfortable. In the classroom, she is the quiet sort of child who will just observe the wild kids’ antics, slightly mystified. She has a keen sense of justice and will defend anyone who she feels is being wronged in some way – including herself.

Most of my family are worried for her. Oh no, she has such a tough road ahead of her! Oh no, the world will be so cruel! Oh no, she will meet mean people! Oh no! Oh no!

I think she’s bloody perfect and will change her world. #HSPpride

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A Quote About People



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An Observation About Pets


Our office intern has, among other pets, a hedgehog. She bought some live cockroaches as a treat for the hedgehog, but found she couldn’t bear to feed them to the hedgehog after all. The cockroaches now have names and a terrarium.

I totally get this.

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It Is Never Too Late to Turn on the Light



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An Observation About Presence


My uncomfortableness with being watched appears to extend to a general other-people-are-present-ness. I’m far more productive when there’s no one around – I even prefer to empty the dishwasher or vacuum the house when SO is not at home.

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A Quote About Solutions



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An Observation About The Obvious


One of the things I’ve had to learn how to do as a detail-oriented, deeply processing HSP, is to go right ahead and state the blatantly obvious out loud, no matter how silly it feels. Turns out a lot of things aren’t blatantly obvious to other people.

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A Quote About Celebration



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