Trust The Inner Voice

A Quote About Feeding The Spirit…

An Observation About Flying Objects

When something comes flying towards me, I, of course, dodge. It’s a sane reaction when you’re about to be hit with a projectile. (Yes, it is.) This obviously makes me crap at all ball games, but it turns out it also makes me a crap single female wedding guest. It was pretty awkward when the […]

So Relatable: Video Games

Demetri Martin on video games: Not sure I could play Super Busy Hospital either, really. All those injured people would make me so sad plus the sight of all that blood would make me faint.

A Quote About Cynics…

An Anecdote About Making Phone Calls

A company has fudged up and made a little mistake with my account. They now, in fact, essentially owe me 47,25 – I simply need to contact their customer service, explain the situation calmly, rationally and clearly; the 47,25 will be deducted from my next bill, and everything should be fine. The problem is that […]

How To Be Invisible

Take a pinch of keyhole And fold yourself up You cut along a dotted line You think inside out And you’re invisible  

An Observation About Polite Guests…

Overpolite guests. You know there’s something bothering them ever so slightly (they’d prefer different seating, music, drink, whatever) but they insist everything is fine and refuse all your offers of change. So you spend the evening with a nagging feeling of helpless frustration. Soo… the guest is at ease with whatever it is that might […]

So Relatable: So Tell Me About Yourself…

Pretty much.

A Quote About Self-Absorption…