A Quote About Silence As A Great Power

An Observation About Shared Sleep

Cuddly sleepers. How?

Private Goes Public

Mask will keep your features in check Cause face is the place Where the private goes public And steps through the gate  

So Relatable: Small Talk

People always say they want you to be honest, but I guess they’re just making small talk. 😉  

An Observation About Light Sensitivity

Because my eyes are sensitive to light, I squint a little virtually all the time. Which serves to make me look  haughty and critical.

A Quote About What To Cultivate


An Observation About Non-HSPs

“Just relax and stop being so sensitive about things.” Oh hey thanks, I’m cured now.

Raising Children

Quite. How can parents who raise their kids to be aggressive and selfish – “because the world is cruel and you have to defend yourself and get them before they get you” – not see that they are contributing to and reproducing the problem? The world is not a given: we make it.  

A Quote About Noise