An Observation About Being Ticklish

Yes, I’m very ticklish, ha-ha, but stop tickling me, right this instant.  I’m not giggling because I’m having fun – it’s the maniacal laughter of someone plotting murder and I’m thiclose to turning violent to make you stop. Grrr.

Sensitive Kind

If you believe, I know you will find There aint nothing like the sensitive kind

Walk AND Talk?

I can relate. Sometimes a nice walk is simply not worth having to engage in small talk. 😉

That Which Lives, Lives By Sensitiveness

An Observation About Voices…

I find it difficult to listen to people with tight, shrill voices (*cough* 2 Broke Girls *cough*) because my throat begins to hurt.

3D Movies

Why thank you, yes I am! Films at a cinema are a concentrated burst of stimuli anyway and the 3D effect just adds to the assault. Plus, wearing those bloody specs on top of your regular ones is a huge pain!

In Search of Peter Pan

Running into her arms At the school gates She whispers that I’m a poor kid. And Granny takes me on her knee. She tells me I’m too sensitive. She makes me sad.    

A Quote About Our Feelings Toward Others…

An Observation About Being Really Rock

I disapprove of rock musicians smashing musical instruments with the fervor of a strait-laced old lady with purple plastic grapes on her hat. I don’t care how rock you are, you don’t do that to musical instruments. The mindless destruction of mediums of creation hurts my soul. *sob*

So Relatable: Win Some, Lose Some…