A Quote About Using Your Imagination

An Observation About Scary Entertainment

No thank you to horror films – the following night is guaranteed to be nightmare central. Even C.S.I. is pushing it, actually.

So Relatable: Energy

An Aristocracy Of The Sensitive

Signs of HSPness, II

Taxidermy animals make me sad.

Contributing. Not.

  … which inevitably leads to I will never get the hang of the rhythm of spoken conversations. Let’s all just write?

A Quote About Normal People

Keep the hue in you. 🙂

Of Course I Bloody Do

When a dentist asks me if I need a local anaesthetic for a filling – surely that is just a rhetorical question?

Solitude Standing

I always felt like Suzanne’s solitude has a slightly demanding? menacing?… quality to it – which mine doesn’t. What do you think?

A Quote About Silence And Society