A Quote About Protecting Your Soul

Something to consider…  

An Observation About Relationships

Non-HSPs seem to appreciate the lukewarm rather than the intense, which, unfortunately, is my one and only modus operandi when it comes to relationships.

Personal Space Invaders

  I’m fairly certain that this would be a pretty effective form of defense. However, you would have to draw that tongue back into your mouth after…  😯

A Quote About Gifts And Servants…

An Observation About Noise Levels

Planning to take a pair of ear plugs with me the next time I go to the cinema.

An Evening Of Solitude

Ahhh, yes…

A Quote About The Quiet And Cerebral

An Observation About Massages

Even the thought of getting a massage makes me uncomfortable.

The Beauty They’re Killing

If the sun going down can make me cry why should I not like the way I am?