An Observation About Skydiving, Inter Alia

I never have and never, ever would go skydiving, handgliding, bungee jumping or anything of the sort. Cons: No great stories to tell; come off as a bore; the adventurous sort of folk make fun of me for being a wimp Pros: Have never broken a bone, got concussion, bled profusely due to sports-related injury; […]

About Visions And Ideals

An Observation About Cleaning

The continuous, loud sound produced by the vacuum cleaner is one of the most intolerable noises to me. This should exempt me from having to take part in holiday cleaning, amiright?

Time Stand Still

Even as a person who essentially feels too much, I’ve felt like this so many times… Freeze this moment a little bit longer Make each sensation a little bit stronger Experience slips away  

A Quote About Loners

A social person’s perspective or a seed of truth? Discuss.

An Observation About Contact Lenses

Spectacle-wearer for life, I do believe. The idea of sticking pieces of plastic into my eyes horrifies me.

If You Can’t Handle Me At My Worst…

This is, in fact, absolutely accurate.

A Quote About Trials And Tribulations

An Observation About Travelling

Travelling abroad! Everything is new! Exciting! Exhilarating! And a total overstimulation extravaganza! I will spend day #3 in my hotel room, refusing to face the world.

This Happens