A Quote About The Senses

An Observation About Colours

I find it difficult to live with the fact that paint colour charts are indicative only. The printed colour tends to be almost, but not quite, exactly unlike the shade you end up with when you slather it on your wall. And hues matter.

Compassion Training

Researchers at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison wanted to find out if adults could be trained to be more compassionate. The results of the study, reported in Psychological Science, point to yes – compassion and altruism can be cultivated with training and practice. Read all about it […]

Pet Peeves, Part I

The hand-held camera effect. Nyaaargh!!

Release Your Fears

A short meditation exercise for when you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious – that’s most days, for me. I know that just facing the daily life will often stress me out and that I will, more likely than not, feel overwhelmed at some point, which, in turn, makes me a bit anxious. Nothing major, but it’s […]

A Quote For When You’re Stressed…

An Observation About Overstimulation Meltdowns

When I hit my limit and become overwhelmed, I proceed to quite fabulously fall apart and have little to no control over it. This can happen at the most inopportune places. Such as at the security check of an international airport. Got a place to top that? 😉

Why Are You So Sensitive?

You know… Introvert Cat in fact has an excellent strategy here. Too often I find that when I’m questioned about my sensitiveness, quietness, need for space, dislike of violence as a form of entertainment, what have you, I actually begin to explain myself. As if I’m the weird one who needs to explain her weirditudes.  […]

A Quote About Protecting Yourself…


An Observation About Worrying

Having posted this last week, I have spent most of my time worrying that I jinxed myself and will soon break a leg falling down the stairs in my own home, giving able-bodied skydivers a good laugh. 😕