A Quote About The Age We Live In

And right he was.

An Observation About Needing To Take Time For Myself

“I need to take time for myself” sounds so grand. It evokes images of meditation, deep philosophical thoughts, art, quiet contemplation, possibly long walks in a forest; a noble solitude. In reality, of course, I usually slouch on the sofa in my yoga pants, drinking wine and watching sitcoms.


Perhaps this final act was meant To clinch a lifetime’s argument That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could  

A Quote About What Counts

An Observation About Those Catch-22s

Oh how I dread that torn feeling I get when I’m caught between two imperatives: a) I really should stay because it would mean the world to a person I care greatly about, but b) my gawd I need to withdraw into solitude to decompress.

Are We, In Fact, Tyrants?

“My God, these Feeling types! Sensitive people are just tyrannical people – everybody else has to adapt to them.” ― Marie-Louise von Franz Discuss.

A Quote About An Open Heart

HSP Ponderings

Would floating in an isolation tank cut down on the time needed to overcome overstimulation? Should we all invest in one? Hmm.

Snowing Music

The world is so loud Keep falling I’ll find you In a moment or two I’ll be with you  

A Quote About Closing Your Eyes…