An Observation About Sensory Processing

I find it easier to concentrate on phone conversations with my eyes closed. I find it easier to read road signs (when I really need to, in order to find a new place) with the music turned off.

Care Labels; Chafe Labels

Apparently, for most people care labels simply contain laundry instructions. For me, they contain endless amounts of irritation. The funny thing is that I can actually stand the ones at the back of the neck pretty well (my theory is that I’ve grown a tough hide back there because it’s been exposed to these labels […]

Celebrate Your Differentness

An Observation About Hairdressers

Why do so many hairdressers brush your hair so bloody violently? Ow ow, ow. I get that they want to work efficiently and work through the tangles quickly, but for Pete’s sake, that hair is connected to my scalp.   Do I tell them this? Of course not. They’re the ones holding the scissors. They […]

The Key To Happiness

Happy Friday, folks!  

A Quote About Reading

An Observation About That Inner Life

Being oblivious to your surroundings because the show going on inside your head is so darn engaging. Possible and probable consequences: 1) Bumping into things because-of. Enduring consequences thereof (physical bruising, embarrassment, mortification). 2) Failing to greet people you know because-of. Enduring consequences thereof (mental bruising, embarrassment, mortification).

Versions Of Violence

This labeling This pointing this sensitive’s unraveling This sting I’ve been ignoring I feel it way down way down  

A Quote About Weaklings

An Observation About Celebrations

Parades.  Wonderful medleys of colour, music and cheerful people, best enjoyed via television.