Humans Need Fantasy

Off To Bed

I have settled on a very particular going-to-sleep position to minimise the effects of light and sound. Lie on the back, head tilted to the left, wrap right arm around head so that is covers, first, the right ear (blocking sound) and then the eyes (blocking light). Works like charm. Also guaranteed to give you […]

On The Power Of The Unconscious

An entertaining read on why we sometimes just know – and why that knowing can also sometimes lead us astray.  

A Quote About Losing One’s Self

An Observation About Excitement

Woe betide the poor regular folks who need to watch horror films, ride roller coasters, or go skydiving to experience the thrill of an adrenaline rush. I only need to face a regular day full of meetings with new people, an oral presentation, a tight deadline, or clicking on the “submit article” button to make […]

Live Intensely

“Live intesely. It’s not one more day, it’s one day less.”

A Word Of Advice From Thoreau

Being On Display

It’s getting dark out. There are folks who turn on the lights in their house and go about their business without drawing the curtains.  I can’t even


So your confidence is quiet To them quiet looks like weakness But you don’t have to fight it ‘Cause you’re strong enough to win without a war  

A Quote About Success