An Observation About Automatic Reactions

A person trips over his own feet and falls flat on his face. Most of the world: *roaring laughter* HSP: Are you alright?

Why can’t the maples be happy in their shade?

It’s always interesting to play this song to people and ask them what they think it’s about – and what they make of the very end of the lyrics. 馃檪   There is unrest in the forest There is trouble with the trees For the maples want more sunlight And the oaks ignore their pleas… […]

A Quote About A Life-Long Reserve Of Strength

An Observation About Olfactory Offenses

That person at the office who apparently bathes in perfume; the one you can smell approaching from 20 metres away and can still smell in your room an hour after they left? Likely not a HSP.

A Quote About Demonstrative Love

Oh Sylvia, I feel your pain.

An Observation About Traumatic Film Moments

Anyone who doesn鈥檛 cry profusely over Bambi鈥檚 mom or Simba鈥檚 dad is very suspect.

Happy Art

Fundaci贸 Joan Mir贸 museum in Barcelona was one of the first big, big, moving artsy experiences for me. I’m absolutely in awe of the skill of artists who can paint life-like paintings, catch the play of light and shadow, make pictures real and beautiful, but Mir贸’s works were, for some reason, the first ones that […]

A Quote About Poisonous Minds

An Observation About Skin Contact

Memo to self: Do not buy sheets if there is no thread count info on the package. It’s missing for a reason. *glares at sheets*

Friday Night

No plans to meet anyone. No invitations to parties, for drinks or coffee. No one called or wanted to chat online. My SO spent the night in his home office making music. There was nothing on the telly. I was left alone with my glass of wine and a random book.   It was awesome. […]