A Quote About The Economy Of Kindness

An Observation About The Physical Effects Of Phone Calls

Long phone calls mean choosing between aching ear canals (with headset) or a hot, sweaty ear (no headset). Which, for me, is another good reason to shun long phone calls.

A Quote About The Seasons Of The Heart

An Observation About Perspective

I seem to be very good at lamenting and bemoaning how easily I get hurt and sad and how much pain I can feel – and very bad at rejoicing over how easily I get excited and merry, how deeply I can enjoy great music, delicious food, moving works of art and the beauty of […]

A Quote About Caring For Your Own Voice

An Observation About Social Vs. Individual

That socially awkward thing I do where I drift off of a real life conversation and into my own inner world.

A Quote About Remaining Hopeful In Bad Times

An Observation About Escaping The Party Atmosphere

One of the perks of being a female HSP: when attending a party, I can take a break from all the people and the music and the commotion by staying in the bathroom for a while, pretending to be powdering my nose and brushing my hair and stuff. (Duration of break influenced by whether there […]

Ever Wanted To Just Climb Into Bed And Stay There?

A funny and poignant story about becoming overwhelmed, needing and being needed, and the importance of kindness.    

A Quote About Self-Respect