Feeling Shivvy?

Broaden the meaning of this word to include all new/freshly-laundered-clothes-induced discomfort, and you have a new word you can use weekly. 😉  

A Quote About Writing The Future

An Observation About Light Sensitivity And Appearance

It is now becoming painfully apparent that not only does constant squinting, thanks to light sensitive eyes, make me look haughty and critical, it also makes me so much more susceptible to wrinkles. Aaauuughh!

Healing Sounds

A bit of magic and mysticism, and a lot of talent, for your Friday. Jon Henrik Fjällgren performing Daniel’s Yoik at the Sweden’s Got Talent competition, in memory of his friend who died in an accident. You can find the recorded and orchestrated version of the yoik on YouTube too, but I so prefer this […]

A Viewpoint On Fairness

An Observation About Change

My officemate reorganised the furniture on her side of the room. I doubt I’ll get any work done today. But, it’s a good thing she didn’t position her chair so that she would always be looking towards me and my computer screen – then I would likely never get any work done, ever, again.

We could have a wonderful world, beautiful people

Take a look at the world And the state that it’s in today I am sure you’ll agree We all could make it a better way

A Quote About Man & Nature

An Observation About Finding The Balance

A weekly thing: Madmin sits at the kitchen table and tinkers with jewellery. Madmin’s SO is watching a loud action flick in the next room. Me: Honey, could you turn the volume down just a notch? SO: Sure! *turns the volume down just a notch* Me: Erm, a little more if you can. SO: *turns […]


I’ve ran into quite a few rude, selfish and cold people lately, and I think someone should reboot a number of our world leaders, as they seem to have gone a bit bonkers. I’m wallowing in a serious case of weltschmerz, people. We all, together, produce the social reality we live in by our actions, […]