Resisting The Flow

Sometimes the bad guys come out on top Sometimes the good guys lose We try not to lose our hearts, not to lose our minds But nothing ever stays the same Nothing’s explained … lose no more time, no time Resisting the flow

A Quote About The Most Fundamental Harm

An Observation About Best-Laid Plans

Plan: 7 am Wake up: jog, shower, breakfast 8 am Arrive at work 9 am Meeting I 10 am Check email, reply to emails 11 am Meeting II 12 am Lunch with colleagues 1 pm Paperwork, writing, type type type 2 pm Chat with colleagues over coffee 3 pm Meeting III 4.30 pm Home! Change […]

The World’s Green Laughter

Hear the birds sing. 🙂

A Quote About The Plot Of Life

An Observation About Exercise

I don’t like exercising. Never have, still don’t. Go on, judge me and tell me I’ve “brainwashed” myself into thinking that, I hear that a lot. However, I do exercise because I realise I need to: I don’t have to like it, but I do have to do it. This always amazes my critics, because […]

A Quote About Production And Destruction

An Observation: How To Deal

Has it ever occurred to you that being sensitive actually cultivates strength? We deal with so many feelings and emotions constantly that we become very good at, well, dealing with stuff. (See this wonderful post on the all-around wonderful Gentle Living web site) This explains why I’m surprisingly calm and sane when a tragedy strikes. […]

A Spot Of Philosophy. And Calculus.

Jeremy Bentham is one of my favourite philosophers: he spoke for individual freedom, equal rights for women, abolition of slavery, was an advocate of animal rights, and all in all felt it was important for people to be nice and have compassion for others. Create all the happiness you are able to create; remove all […]

A Quote About Those Still Able To Feel