Lost on the way to your happy place … you never say die, but you never say live either

A Quote About Being Different

An Observation About Clutter

A few weeks ago, we re-organised our basement. As a result, there are now neat rows of labelled storage boxes – as well as three bin bags full of tossables, waiting for our next trip to the waste tip. Two floors up, in my home office, I now constantly feel distracted because I know that […]

Revolution Of The Plucky

“If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place.” – Jake Shimabukuro  

A Quote About Your Gift

Seems To Be

I like planning and looking forward to fun events better than experiencing fun events. Sweet anticipation seldom becomes overwhelming.

A Quote About Living Easy

An Observation About Politeness

I suspect my delivery of a polite “Could I have a cup of coffee please?” comes across along the lines of “I’m so sorry to bother you but I wonder if I could in any way possibly get a cup of coffee if it’s not too much trouble please thank you kind lady please?” *curtsey*

Remember To Breathe

I’ve had these three words on my notice board for years. They are the most universally applicable piece of advice I’ve ever come across. Feeling uneasy? Stressed? Nervous? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Bracing yourself to face the world? Bet you anything you’re inadvertently holding your breath, or breathing shallowly. Remember to breathe. It is the simplest way […]

An Observation About Comfort Zones

All together now: Push yourself out of your comfort zone! Step out! Break out! Get out! 10 reasons! 6 ways! Out, out! There’s magic out there! My comfort zone is me, alone at home, watching my thoughts (cat on lap optional). I assure you that I’m out of my comfort zone every, single, day. Magic […]