An Observation About Eateries

Yes, being hungry can cause me to be irritated and lose concentration. But it turns out there is an eatery that makes me overlook all that, because the eatery itself is infinitely more irritating and nerve-wrecking than being hungry: the packed shopping mall food court.  *shudder*

So Much To Say

I find sometimes it’s easy to be myself sometimes I find it’s better to be somebody else

Better Hurt Than Hardened

What They Really Mean

The design is so bold, graphic, and colourful! = The design is so garish, tacky, and visually loud it’ll give you an eye ache!

A Quote About The Messiness Of Understanding

An Observation About Decisions

*enters cafe in search of caffeine* Ok, coffee. Not straight coffee though. A latte? Or maybe a cappuccino? And a brownie to go with that as the cappuccino is not sweet. Or maybe a caramel latte? That would be sweet so I could maybe do without the brownie. Which has less calories though – a […]

Treated Like A Rose As An Orchid

I’m a sweet piece of work Well-intentioned, yet disturbed Wrongly labeled and under-fed Treated like a rose as an orchid

A Quote About Deciding Moments

An Observation About Tactile Information