A Quote About Images

An Observation About Details

Why is it that I’m really good at noticing little details in the environment and in others’ work (I’m the tiresome person who will point out the missing comma), and at the same time completely bloody blind to details in my own work? (You will need to point out the missing comma)

A Quote About The Facts Of Life

An Observation About What Appeals

Non-HSP friend: Oh this Friday we should definitely check out this new restaurant! It’s supposed to be great! It’s the talk of the town! It’s become fantastically popular, like, overnight! The place to be now, I tell you – it’s packed, everyone’s there! HSP: Oh, for a moment there I thought you were trying to […]

How To Hide From Humans

A book of a sheep’s observations on humanity, by Craig Stone. Silly, thought-provoking, wildly affordable. 🙂  

A Quote About Childishness

Sneaky Sneakerson

The bad news? I will, without fail, wake up to the sound of a cat going hack-hack-hack-hack-gaaaag outside of our closed bedroom door in the middle of the night. For some reason the sound of one mi fur babies puking always wakes me from my slumber. The good news? S/he who finds it, cleans it. […]

Nourish Your Soul

An Observation About Accountability

Apparently solid, as so oft-repeated bit of advice: Want to make a change/work toward something/adopt a new habit? Make your self accountable: tell everyone and commit to reporting about your progress! The social pressure will work wonders! Well hello there, piece of advice that does not work for me at all. Making myself “accountable” to […]

A Foreigner In The World