Summery Predicaments

Home office, summertime. How should I suffer today? Should I be too hot, or listen to the ever-annoying and eye-drying buzz of the table fan?

Pleasure of the Pathless Woods

An Observation About Semantics

Friend: I really enjoy a good debate. Me: I hate arguing. We’re talking about the same event. It gets to be a problem.

A Quote About Communication

An Observation About Giving Criticism

I was writing a bit about my criticism/conflict avoidance and was looking for the perfect quote to go with it, when I came across this pithy gem by Jennifer Saunders. It captures what I wanted to convey so well that I scratched my words and treat you to hers instead. 🙂

I Like To Stay Home

One of those days.  

A Quote About Going Far In Life

An Observation About Books

I laugh out loud at funny things and shed tears over sad scenes. I cringe and close my eyes when something embarrassing happens, and gasp when something shocking happens. I put the book down and stare at it for a while when I can’t believe what I just read. I keep shifting positions when tension […]

Let us not underestimate how hard it is to be compassionate

An Observation About Automatic Reactions, II

My automatic reactions to various day-to-day events: meeting a friend -> smile meeting an acquaintance -> smile meeting someone new -> smile making accidental eye contact with a stranger -> smile enjoying a conversation -> smile wishing the conversation would end -> smile pretty sure the other person just insulted me -> smile, blink absolutely […]