A Quote About A Vital Decision

An Observation About Everyday Empathy

Oh the drama of seeing a stranger run for a train or a bus. I’m so nervous for them (heart palpitations), so wish they’ll make it (nail biting), so happy for them if they do (hurrah!), and so disappointed for them if they don’t (palpitating heart sinks).

An Observation About Social Distance

People who don’t know me and whom I don’t know: Does she ever speak? My friends: Does she ever shut up?

So Happy Being Me

Be busy living life, loving life, happy in your own skin. 🙂

A Quote About Our Own Fashion

No, Don’t Tell Me

Whenever people try and talk me into watching horror films with them (”Come on! It’s just a bit of fun! You know it’s only a film!”), I tell them this educational story: Once upon a time my friend saw The Ring, and was quite taken with it. She asked me if I intended to see […]

A Quote About Who’s In Charge