An Observation About Observing A Problem But

When I notice that someone is feeling nervous and shy and out of place in a group, I always wonder whether engaging them would help release their tension or make them feel even worse (it could go either way, couldn’t it). So… I typically just stand there, smiling and trying to project compassion and encouragement […]

Every Drop Drowns You

Outside rain is coming down and it scares you to death Cos you think that every drop is gonna drown you  

A Quote About Editing Who You Are

  Let’s not.

HSP Tactics: Avoiding Criticism

I need to send the fruits of my labour to someone so that they can have a look at it. In order to (gasp) give feedback. Which, let’s face it, is a lot like criticism. What to do, what to do? Oh! I know! I’ll carefully and self-deprecatingly criticise every single thing about my creation […]


A little something to tickle those primal senses.

A Quote About A Moment Of Realisation

Tough Decisions Ahead

Unimportant decisions are the worst. Big, important decisions boil down to important factors and important consequences, and while I can certainly take my time making them, there’s data there to work with. An informed decision can be made, for a reason. Unimportant decisions, on the other hand… when I can decide any which way without […]

A Quote About (In)Difference

An Observation About Them Feels

One thing I really do envy of my non-HSP friends is their ability to immediately know and express how they feel about things. This is how it goes for me: A person: So this change happened that will have ramifications for your future. How do you feel about it? Me: Um. Can I sleep on […]


I am heading for a time of solitude Of peace without illusions When the perfect circle Marries all beginnings and conclusions