An Observation About An Acceptable Level Of Excitement

Is it just me or are most TV show presenters just really hyper?

This Is Who I Am

A million colors paint the world But you don’t see them Like I see them

A Quote About Shutting It Down

… 2nd century style.

An Observation About Playing It Cool

I can probably read other people’s poker faces pretty well, but this is nicely cancelled out by my own poker face, which is pretty darn expressive.

A Quote About Being Socially Intelligent

Excuse me while I continue my unconventional life and appear awkward.  

An Observation About Dealing With Ire

The people who have truly, seriously hurt and offended me do not necessarily even know that they have. From their perspective, I just disappeared from their lives.


The leaves are beginning to turn and autumn colours will soon be here. So beautiful.

All The Time & The World

An Observation About Unexpected Talk

My contributions to impromptu chats initiated by kindly people in public (I have three):   Kindly stranger: Excuse me, do you have the time? Me: Mm?   Kindly stranger: The bus is always late in the mornings, don’t you find? Me: Mm.   Kindly stranger: My goodness but it rains today! Me: Mm!   I’m […]

A Quote About The Right Fit