A Quote About Becoming Someone

An Observation About Vacations

The problem with travelling on vacation is that it’s exciting, rousing, and stimulating rather than relaxing. After a vacation abroad, I could always do with some time off to recharge.

A Quote About Numbered Days

An Observation About Knowing

“But I never said!” You didn’t have to.

A bit of thrill & suspense – a book recommendation

A great read for Samhain/Halloween/All Saints’ Day/late autumn/just because. I promise you it is just the right kind of chill & thrill. 🙂 (Clicking on the image will take you to, but the book is available on other Amazons, too!)

A Quote About Us Misfits

An Observation About The Weather

My favourite kind of weather is very simple to define. It’s a weather that’s comfortable. In other words: Not too hot. I really dislike being sticky and sweaty. On the other hand, not too cold. Coldness can be dealt with by wearing enough layers of appropriate clothing, but when you’re wearing three shirt layers under […]

A Quote About Your Path

An Observation About Open-Plan Offices

Open-plan offices were supposed to promote co-operation and creativity. What they actually promote? Earphone use and long & frequent bathroom breaks.

The Mystik Dance