HSP Nightmares, II

Group projects.

A Quote About Seeking

Yes! But! – An Observation

The inside of my head is equal parts Excitable Opportunity Perceiver and Worst Case Scenario Producer.

Breathe Me

Be my friend Hold me, wrap me up Unfold me

A Quote About Humanity

Signs of HSPness, IV

The sight of roadkill hurts my heart. I prefer to close my eyes when I pass something that from a distance looked like a dead animal on the side of the road. (You will be happy to know that I don’t drive.)

A Quote About Wonder

HSP Nightmares

Contact sports.

A Quote About Others’ Fancy

An Observation About Vacations, part deux

The most relaxing, invigorating, and refreshing break I can imagine is also very cheap, for it consists of two elements: 1) home; 2) alone.