A Sensitive Mind Unleashed: An Observation

Just caught myself pensively wondering whether the Mars rover Curiosity is feeling lonely.  🙄

Wear Your Sensitivity On Your Sleeve. Or A Shirt. Or A Bag.

Dear reader, once upon a time last week I procrastinated by designing HSP t-shirts and stuff and setting up a Spreadshirt shop. Since it’s now there, take a look! (I solemnly swear this does not mean I’ll be pushing merchandise on you from now on.)  

A Quote About Knowing Life Intimately

HSP Nightmares, III

Aggressively salesy salespeople.

A Quote About Verbs

An Observation About The Unforeseen

My mind tends to automatically create vivid images of what the future will be like if things continue on their current trajectory. This makes me, as a car passenger, constantly tense up and inhale sharply as I’m sure we’re thisclose to hitting another car, a pedestrian, a pole, or a wall. My driver-SO, in turn, […]

A Quote About Quality Time

Done Deal

I made a Decision. A big one, of the could-be-life-changing variety. It’s done, can’t go back, door closed, moving forward. Let the second guessing begin!

Scars Of Pleasure, Scars Of Pain

All my nerves are naked wires Tender to the touch Sometimes super sensitive But who can care too much?

A Quote About The Life You Have