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An Observation About Absent-Mindedness

I’m not lost in thought. I’m very much at home there.

A Quote About Respecting Your Wishes

An Observation About Walking In My Shoes

Good… gravy I swear I’m walking on razor-sharp shards of broken glass. Has the sole fallen off of my favourite shoe? Is there actual shattered glass on the ground? Have I broken a bone? Is it plantar fasciitis? Will my foot fall off? No hang on, there’s a pebble in my shoe.

I Believe, Regardless

I believe in innocence, little darling Start again I believe in everyone I believe, regardless I believe in everyone

There’s a word for it

HSP Nightmares, IV

A surprise party in my honour.

Fill Your Heart

Gentleness clears the soul Love will clean your mind and make you free

A Quote About Breaking