I Dreamed

Everyday Inner Conflicts

Senses: Care labels are scratchy and itchy and rustly and swishy – get rid of them, for pity’s sake. Conscientiousness: What if we forget how to properly care for the garment and then ruin it – leave the labels, for pity’s sake. In my future, I foresee a care label folder, with a photo of […]

A Quote About Really Living

An Observation About Increasing Compassion

As you probably know, according to Elaine Aron highly sensitive people tend to get more sensitive as they age (something to look forward to, right?). The first thing that I’ve noticed is my ever-increasing compassion towards spiders. Yup, spiders. I have been arachnophobic all my life. They are too quick and too unpredictable and too […]

A Quote About Gaining Courage

An Observation About Spring Mornings

Every year, as the obscenely bright spring sun starts to wreak havoc with my morning sleep, I feel very blessed to live in a world where blackout curtains exist. And that I can now afford them. As a poor student I was not above taping bin bags to my windows.

A Quote About Uniqueness

Is Someone Seeing This?

Last week I had an appointment with a dermatologist to get my (numerous) moles checked. This, of course, involved getting fairly undressed. Now, believe me when I tell you that I have been successfully clothing and unclothing myself for decades, but this time I had to do it swiftly and efficiently with another person in […]

My Sweetest Choice

O solitude, my sweetest choice! O heav’ns! what content is mine To see these trees, which have appear’d From the nativity of time