An Observation About Nail Polish (Yes.)

Anyone else feel the nail polish on their nails? I’m aware of the “weight” of the polish – it’s like a slightly suffocating pressure on the tips of my fingers. I find it… unpleasant! I get no sympathy whatsoever from my friends, who just give me weird looks when I try to explain the phenomenon. […]

A Quote About Goals

An Observation About Leaving The House

I put the keys in the zipper pocket on the side of my bag. I put on my coat. I check that the keys are in the zipper pocket. I put on my shoes. I check that the keys are in the zipper pocket. I get my gloves and check myself briefly in the mirror: […]

Sweet Intuition

Fuck logic Bravo to instinct And sweet intuition

A Quote About The Battle

An Observation About Problems

I can come up with seven different ways to solve your problem, but I don’t want to tell you how to solve your problem.

Songs From The Wood

Let me bring you songs from the wood: to make you feel much better than you could know.

A Quote About Decisions

HSP Nightmares, V

At a party, cosily cooped up in my corner, sipping wine and observing humanity with interest. Someone calls out over the din: – Hey madmin, we’re talking about house hunting – tell everyone that story about yours! Sixteen pairs of eyes turn to me, expectantly.

A Quote About Flowing Feelings