Some people turn sad awfully young.

Pet Peeves, III

Lace trims.

A Quote About Mistakes

An Observation About Making Sure, Theoretically

Since I have to run every possible outcome of every possible decision through my head before deciding, I just spent 22 minutes staring at a pendant that needed a wire bail. In that time I could have tried out about four different kinds of bails to see how they work in practice.

High Hopes

Do not press play unless you’re ready to feel thoroughly wistful. I swear this song could make a 10-year-old nostalgic for days gone by.

A Quote About Armor

An Observation About Getting Together

When a friend gets in touch and wants to get together, I’m ecstatically happy. When I get in touch with a friend and want to get together, I’m sure I’m intruding.

A Quote About Breaking

Pet Peeves, Part II

“But all the violence is really integral to the plot.”

A Quote About Others’ Expectations