An Observation About Gardening

I’m altogether too tender-hearted to garden proficiently. Surely caterpillars deserve to live too? Who am I to make decisions about which seedlings shall live and which shall be discarded? Is the weed not but an unloved flower?


An Observation About, Um, My Face

I visited a really, really good Indian restaurant. Food TDF. So good. I also learnt that my OMG-this-food-is-TDF face apparently looks very much like fer-pitys-sake-what-is-this-sh*t face. The waiter was beside herself with worry and checked if there was something wrong with my food and if I really was okay, TWICE, entirely ignoring my affirmations that […]

A Quote About Qualities

Frying Pan, Meet Fire

I could really do with a sleep mask and earplugs when sleeping, but I hate the way they feel – and will wake up in the middle of the night anyway to get rid of them.

A Quote About The Particulars

An Observation About Adapting

I bought an alarm clock. I realised my smart phone was the last thing I fiddled with before going to sleep and the first thing I fiddled with after waking up – and not just to set and turn off the alarm, either. I spent ridiculous amounts of time in bed just surfing online aimlessly, […]


Close your eyes and enjoy.

A Quote About Today

An Observation About Awareness Vs. Attention

As a HSP, I’mĀ almost always in fight or flight mode: very aware of my surroundings and of what’s going on around me. However, unless we’re talking about flight-important info, such as where emergency exits are situated, I apparently don’t pay attention to my surroundings. So how many street blocks are there between my neighbourhood library […]