You are not a mistake.

An Observation About Noises

Why is it that a continuous noise that I can only barely hear tends to be far more annoying than in-your-face loudness? It’s as if my senses have decided that I must attend to everything because I can.

A Poem About A Cautious Man

An Observation About Stoicism

Halfway through my run a little pebble jumped into my shoe, wedging itself between the shoe and the side of my foot. Yet I finished my run. I tried to tell about this tremendous feat to a couple of my friends, who gave me a slightly bewildered look and said “oh”. They do not seem […]

The Imaginary World Of…

Not happy with the world we live in? Create your own! 🙂 This book really is fun and a half! Save Save

A Quote About Involvement

HSP Nightmares, VI

An unexpected “So tell me a little bit about yourself!”

Where does it hurt?

Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome

I can be quite cool about having to listen to someone chew, but the sound of someone slurping the very last drops of an almost empty drink through a straw makes me barmy. Just leave the last teaspoons of your coke. Just leave them. (… she silently screams inside her head.)

A Quote About The Most Honoured Guest