A Quote About The Universe Of Decisions

An Observation About Guilt

My cat is too good to me. If I were him, I would run for cover every time I saw me approaching, but he doesn’t. No, I still haven’t forgiven myself for accidentally stepping on his tail 11 years ago.

Things To Be Happy About

I have an earlier edition of this book (Chevy Chase and smile buttons, anyone?) – and I think it’s absolutely delightful. 🙂 It’s nice to be reminded of the joy of little things, like fresh towels, velvet footstools, or the fact that someone somewhere is teaching a parrot to speak. Save

We’re The Ones

Suddenly Social

The horror of attending what you think will be a presentation on subject X but what turns out to be a workshop with group activities.

A Quote About Living, Learning, And Love

An Observation About Energy

I attended a plenary speech given by one of my favourite scholars last week – a brilliant, funny guy, who is full of energy, speaks a lot at an astonishing rate, gesticulates wildly, and is always genuinely excited about what he’s talking about. Great speech, interesting insights, and after the 45 minutes I was having […]

Here’s The White-Hot Truth

Grey Areas

Would talking to this person mean that I’m reaching out or that I’m intruding? Should I uphold a norm or keep the peace? Should I accept a particular characteristic in myself or attempt to change it? Should I try harder or let go? Am I standing up for myself or being selfish? Am I recharging […]

A Quote About Love