An Observation About Work Toll

If my work requires regular interaction with other people, it also burns out all the energy I have for human interaction – meaning that I have no energy left for interacting with the people I love and would actually like to interact with after the workday is done.

A Quote About Making A Difference

On Observation About Just Being Yourself

You gotta love it when you confess to an outgoing, ever-confident person that you’re nervous about an upcoming group meeting, and they say “Oh just be yourself!”. Um, you do realise that I won’t say a thing then?

In Darkness Let Me Dwell

When you need a cathartic song to listen to.

“Never shy away from opportunity and wholehearted living.”

An Observation About Street & Meet

Meeting face-to-face street fundraisers is a no-win situation. They will deviously ask: Are you interested in (say) human rights? and I can’t say yes, because then I’d have to stop and talk to them and I’d rather not, and I can’t say no, because that would be a lie, and I’d rather not lie. So […]

A Quote About Engaging Life

An Observation About Feeling It

Weltschmerz. Heartache. Crushing guilt. Choking grief. Crippling embarrassment. Numbing shock. Not just figures of speech for me, but concretely and physically felt.

Come On Jump – Hoppípolla

Because sometimes you just need to listen to a beautiful song about jumping into puddles. 🙂 Brosandi Hendumst í hringi Höldumst í hendur Allur heimurinn óskýr nema þú stendur

A Quote About the Paradox of Tolerance