A Quote About Our Bias

An Observation About Seizing The Opportunity

When your friend is hungover and complaining about how the lights are too bright and the noises are too noisy, it’s the perfect opportunity to educate them about high sensitivity and point out that you feel like that every day. 😉

Enchanted April

A thoroughly warm, charming book published in 1922 – old-worldy, yet so modern in its treatment of our yearning to be happy and free. The Kindle download is a mere £1, and if you can read books on a computer screen (I can’t!), you can even find the book completely free of charge at The […]

A Quote About The Struggle

An Observation About Crrrrunch!

So. It turns out that the restrictions in quiet coaches typically centre on electronic devices. But what about eating crisps? What about eating crisps in the quiet coach? Discuss.

Beyond Overwhelm

In the space of two months, we’ve put the house up for sale, had numerous viewings, seen several houses ourselves, sold our house, bought a new one in a new town, and arranged the move. SO: We’ve sold the house, wohoo! Madmin: *shrug* SO: We found a house we like so quickly, fantastic! Madmin: *shrug* […]