The Big Picture

Sir! No Sir!

You know how some people like to encourage others by putting them down and telling them they’re useless and being all drill sergeant-y? And I really mean that it’s their idea of encouragement: they’re fully expecting you to go “Eff it! I’ll show YOU.” and turn all ardent and goal-achieving. Man I hate those people. […]

A Quote About Finding Love

An Observation About Observers

In my experience, people who can’t stand people who cry think that saying “What does crying help?” is a very astute and indisputable observation. Apparently they expect the crier to go ah, you’re right, physical reality is unchanged, hence I shall stop crying. You know, much in the same way that laughing doesn’t help either. […]


Who knows who wrote that song of Summer That blackbirds sing at dusk This is a song of colour Where sands sing in crimson, red and rust

A Quote About WIP

Sounds of Living

So. It turns out we moved into a neighbourhood consisting mostly of youngish families. Lots of kids. All of them have a trampoline in their garden. I will need to wait until they turn into sulky teenagers before I can give our house a good airing.

A Quote About Cherophobia

An Observation About The Lives We Live

It occurs to me that because I empathise so much and feel others’ big feelings, I effectively live vicariously through them in those particular moments. Living little snippets of their lives.

A Quote About Your Power