A Quote About Just Another Day

An Observation About Conflicts

Considering how uncomfortable I am with conflict, I have an astounding number of fictional arguments with various people inside my head. You will be happy to hear that I always win, too.

A Quote About Self-Creation

A Life Entrance Exam

I think I’ve come up with a quick way to figure out who’s a good egg*: Suggest a stroll through a pet cemetery. If they totally understand why you have to haveĀ  a little cry, they’re good. If they have a little cry too, they’re golden. *Not that I have people queuing up at my […]

A Quotable Observation About Expectation

News Feed Surprises

A Facebook friend just posted a close-up of the IV line going into the back of her hand. I feel faint just telling you this, because I can’t help but think about it now and, well, woozy-woo. She joked about making it her profile picture, and if she does, I’ll bloody well have to hide […]

A Quote About Remorse

So I Was Visiting A Friend.

This paper towel roll at my friend’s house was doing my head in and I finally had to go and turn it the right way up. The poor kid’s upside down, for goodness’ sake! Blood is rushing to her head! Yes, people, I empathise with paper towel prints.

A Quote About A Little Dash