Bear With Me Here:

Do you ever feel that a person is feeling A and it’s important, so you cautiously ask if they’re feeling A and they’re like no, and you’re like are you sure ’cause it’s feels like you’re feeling A, and they’re like pfft I’m totally feeling B, and then you don’t know what to do with […]

A Quote About The Ultimate Explanation

An Observation About Suitability

If you’re a highly sensitive person, maybe don’t agree to run the social media channels of an animal shelter. Ask me how I know.

A Quote About Companionable Companions

HSP Nightmares IX

You’ve made plans to meet with a dear friend. You are looking forward to a cosy tête-à-tête. They bring an extra person.

A Quote About Them Thoughts

Crossed Signals

I’m reading a book about a man who attends a Buddhist meditation retreat. I like being still and I like silence, so this should be all lovely, right? Wrong. Turns out that if I read about people meditating for an hour and a half straight, sitting on the ground with crossed legs, all I can […]

I Hope This Helps

Instructions on how to approach me when I’m stressed and have retreated to my room and closed the door: 1) Don’t.