A Quote About Following Your Star…

A Confession

I don’t do moderation well in anything I enjoy. My high sensitivity has made me a pleasure junkie.

Pavement Cracks

Where is my comfort zone? A simple place to call my own ‘Cause everything I wanna be Comes crashing down on me

A Quote About Imbalance

An Observation About Defending The Sensitivities

Once upon a time, I was on a Spanish course. The teacher was explaining the meaning of the expression “no es para tanto” (in Spanish, you understand, it was one of those target language only courses) and used the following example: You meet a friend of yours and he’s crying profusely; you ask him what’s […]

The Price of Independence

An Observation About Hands

I talk to customers and volunteers at my workplace virtually daily, and I need help. What, exactly, is one supposed to do with one’s hands while talking to a stranger standing up? Crossing your arms apparently sends negative vibes (even if you only do it for comfort), but letting them just hang by your sides […]

You Got To Run

You feel like two different people in your soul Feel like a loser, until you see That as you bend You learn to be Your own best friend

Always having what we want