An Observation About A Bit Of Bossing Around

I’ve never wanted to be a boss. Responsibility I could deal with (although decisions could take a while), but managing people – God no. A new intern just started her practical at the office and it’s now the responsibility of our PR person and I to keep her busy. I cannot even begin to tell […]

A Quote About The Passing Time

One Of Those Things That You Just

I was chatting with my boss while she was snacking on a banana, and she stopped to carefully peel off a banana string and then inexplicably ate it. I still shudder in disgust when I think about it.

A Quote About Assertiveness

An Observation About Regret

Spending time regretting things that I did or did not do is one of the things I regret.

A Quote About Showing Up

HSP Nightmares X

Open-plan offices.

A Quote About The Best Days