A Quote About The Worst

Signs of HSPness, V

These dog toys make me a little sad.

A Quote About Self-Indulgence

Needle Nuances

  Look, no. Nuances, people, nuances. How can you assume “a needle is a needle” when one of them essentially scratches your skin (unpleasant but doable) whereas the other punctures the skin and enters you, sometimes even a vein (EEEUUUUUGGHHH!). Signed, tattooed HSP who will, without fail, faint over blood tests Save

A Quote About Quiet Growth

An Observation About Stressful Situations

My reaction to sudden stressful situations or crises is either adrenaline rush followed by steps taken to manage the situation, or complete paralysis. I’ve never been able to figure out what the triggers are for either, so I’ll go with some sort of Mercury in retrograde or not type of explanation.