An Observation About The Obvious

One of the things I’ve had to learn how to do as a detail-oriented, deeply processing HSP, is to go right ahead and state the blatantly obvious out loud, no matter how silly it feels. Turns out a lot of things aren’t blatantly obvious to other people.

A Quote About Celebration

The Little Big Things

SO and I put up new wallpaper in my home office two weeks ago. Every time I walk into the room now I take a moment to put my fists on my hips, admire the wallpaper, smile, and sigh with contentment. Its beauty gives me no end of pleasure.

A Quote About A New Me

An Observation About Memories

Right: am I the only one who has a Signature Sound of Embarrassing Memory? Every time my rambling mind thinks back to something stupid/wrong/inappropriate I did/said, I go “hmh”. Not a speaking “hmh”, but a humming “hmh” (typically a G4-ish note). I go “hmh” a lot. I also often try and pretend it was a […]

A Quote About Vulnerability