An Observation About Food

Boundaries! Boundaries! The sauce must not touch the salad. Such food plating atrocities can ruin a meal.

Be Prepared

One of the things I’ve finally learned since moving in with my SO is that he always allows time for eventualities. If he says it takes 40 minutes to drive somewhere, it will take around 25. If he says he will be back at around 9 o’clock, he’ll return at around 8:15. This gives me [...]

An Observation About Past To Present

Right: so once upon a time I tweeted something, someone answered rudely, I got palpitations, didn’t reply back, went on with my life, and more or less forgot about. Today, someone liked the rude reply, bringing the whole thing back to my notifications, and now my day is ruined, and I have to try and [...]

An Observation About A Good Talk

Let’s talk. Via a keyboard using our fingers.

An Observation About This Summer

As you may or may not have noticed, I posted less frequently over the summer. This was down to the simple fact that it was an exceptionally hot summer, and my home office – which houses my desktop computer with all my HSP related files, sites, and bookmarks – was unbearably hot for weeks and [...]

An Observation About Directions

I am, in fact, a natural-born stand up comedian. Yuh-huh! This would be my act: I’d stand on the stage and people would ask me to give them directions to various places. Hilarity would ensue. #pleasedontask

An Observation About Duties

No matter how exhausted, overwhelmed, and sad I am myself, if I feel someone needs cheering up, I will bloody well put a smile on my face and try to do it.

An Observation About Yieldance

You know the feeling when you have to go for a massage and the massage therapist is terribly rough and you’re lying there thinking that your back must be particularly bad and yeah let’s not forget you’re sensitive and surely this is just what you need so you grin and bear? I hope not.  #ow

This Is My Brain On Sports

I’m not a sports fan in the least, but I just spent hours watching the European Athletics Championships with my dad (who is a huge sports fan, and I’m a fan of my dad). My very active mirror neurons not only fire but also decided to execute some of the movements I was witnessing, so [...]

An Observation About BInge-Watching

You know the relationship ritual of binge-watching tv shows together on Netflix? Yeah no. I prefer to experience things alone, because having company would feel like being watched, which would totally get in the way of experiencing.