There Might Go The Neighbourhood

Right, so if a change is looming in the near future that will affect my immediate environment and thus my life, should I not be allowed to have a say in said change or at least be kept in the loop about any developments? The house next door has been put up for sale and [...]

An Observation About Workplace Etiquette

Is there a polite way to ask a co-worker not to slurp their tea, which they drink at least three mugs of every day? The slurp-gulp-silence-slurp-gulp-silence-slurp-gulp is driving me absolutely bonkers. She puts milk in it and all so it can’t be that hot. #misophoniamisery

An Observation About Flipouts

I may have just flipped out at a work meeting over a hyphen. Grammatically, it should be there, some visual folks didn’t want it there because the ad “looks better without it”. (Needless to say, I think, that as it should be there, I was of the opinion that it must be there. Why are [...]

An Observation About Understimulation

Being understimulated is as bad as being overstimulated. Uninteresting small talk with shallow people; repetitive tasks that require no imagination day in and day out; endless, unchallenging drudgery of any kind – all as likely to make me implode as stress and overstimulation.

An Observation About Find & Seek

I would rather wander around the store for 30 minutes in search of a particular item than be a normal person and just ask a salesperson where I can find it.

Will I Ever Have Yogurt Again?

My favourite supermarket changed their layout. I am reeling.

An Observation About Mea Culpa

We had a bit of a problem at work the other day when I was under the impression we had agreed on A with the boss, whereas my colleague was under the impression we had agreed on B. General confusion followed, inconveniencing some customers, but the situation was fairly quickly resolved and the day continued [...]

Hello, Miss Judgemental Me!

I’m sorry to say that our new office intern is Miss Tight Vocal Fry personified, and I wish I could tell her to never speak ever around the office, because she makes my throat hurt. #releasethethroat!

Weighing The Options

Turns out working for an animal shelter is good for my personal development. I tend to be a people-pleaser, but as much as I hate saying no to people and disappointing them (!possibility of conflict klaxon!), I’d hate it even more if any of the rescue animals ended up in an uncaring, negligent home. If [...]

The High Cost of Sensitivity

My high sensitivity sometimes ends up costing me a lot of money (see e.g. Exhibit A). I will just have the same insurance plans and mobile phone plans and such for ever and ever, because changing them would require asking for offers and negotiating. Gaaah.