Needle Nuances

  Look, no. Nuances, people, nuances. How can you assume “a needle is a needle” when one of them essentially scratches your skin (unpleasant but doable) whereas the other punctures the skin and enters you, sometimes even a vein (EEEUUUUUGGHHH!). Signed, tattooed HSP who will, without fail, faint over blood tests Save

An Observation About Stressful Situations

My reaction to sudden stressful situations or crises is either adrenaline rush followed by steps taken to manage the situation, or complete paralysis. I’ve never been able to figure out what the triggers are for either, so I’ll go with some sort of Mercury in retrograde or not type of explanation.

Meet&Greet – An Observation

I greeted someone I know but they didn’t greet me back. I will never live this down. Also, I will fervently study people greeting each other to find out if I’m somehow doing it wrong. Also, I might never greet anyone ever again unless they greet me first.

My HSP Benefits

How’s your list of positives coming along? @adam_jun asked if I’d shared mine and I figured, why not. Do share yours too so we can all find new and wonderful things about being highly sensitive that we didn’t think of!

“How Do HSPs Cope With Their Challenging Problems?”

Right, I think I saw one too many posts and articles with the “HSP problems/challenges/coping” handle this week and I’m a bit tired of the negativity. In case you are too (and even if you aren’t!), please pick up a piece of paper and a pen and write down 10 things you like about your [...]

An Observation About Cause And Effect

Making fun of something that is truly important to me will move you to the outer spheres of my social circle, and I will never, ever talk to to you about anything that really matters to me again.

An Observation About A Bit Of Bossing Around

I’ve never wanted to be a boss. Responsibility I could deal with (although decisions could take a while), but managing people – God no. A new intern just started her practical at the office and it’s now the responsibility of our PR person and I to keep her busy. I cannot even begin to tell [...]

One Of Those Things That You Just

I was chatting with my boss while she was snacking on a banana, and she stopped to carefully peel off a banana string and then inexplicably ate it. I still shudder in disgust when I think about it.

An Observation About Regret

Spending time regretting things that I did or did not do is one of the things I regret.

HSP Nightmares X

Open-plan offices.