An Observation About Administration

I realise many people hate doing the occasional administrative tasks – alphabetising, filing, filling envelopes – that take time away from the “real” work they’re supposed to be doing, but for me, they are like mini-holidays from human interaction.

HSP Nightmares XI

“Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves!” Bonus horror points if you’re like second to last and miss everybody else’s introductions because you’re frantically trying to think what to say.

An Observation About Imagination

So that vivid imagination HSPs tend to have – what do you use yours for? I mainly use mine to carefully plan and predict possible catastrophes, which is why I can’t go to Ireland. I’d like to visit Ireland, but I’ve already missed catastrophes when I visited Britain and Iceland, and, really, how long can [...]

An Observation About Lasting Performances

I feel such performance anxiety when I have to sign a new ID card or a passport that I always produce a very weird scribble that a) looks nothing like my regular signature, b) typically has a letter or two missing, and c) I will never, ever be able to reproduce.

An Observation About Discipline

I think one of the reasons I’ve never gotten around to developing rock-hard self-discipline is that I feel that the world is harsh and demanding enough.

An Observation About 2019

Dear reader, I have not disappeared down the rabbit hole – not quite! As you may or may not know, I work for a non-profit that helps homeless animals. I have been very, very happy to be involved with work that I feel has meaning and makes a difference (and does not profit some millionaire [...]

An Observation About Traps

It’s fruit fly season and I made a fruit fly trap and it works and now I feel bad and sad.

An Observation About Friendships

If you have a friend who wants you to explain and justify just about everything you think and do, do take the time to reconsider the friendship. While you might want to think they’re being analytical and intellectual and thought-provoking, they may just be judgemental.

An Observation About Odd-Time

After two years of trying to figure out what it is, exactly, that stresses me out so much these days, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s my commute. At 2 x 40 minutes per day, that’s 80 minutes of time that is neither productive nor relaxing, but still time where you have to be [...]

An Observation About Impermanence

This too shall pass, which is good. All is fleeting, which is sad.