This Is My Brain On Sports

I’m not a sports fan in the least, but I just spent hours watching the European Athletics Championships with my dad (who is a huge sports fan, and I’m a fan of my dad). My very active mirror neurons not only fire but also decided to execute some of the movements I was witnessing, so [...]

An Observation About BInge-Watching

You know the relationship ritual of binge-watching tv shows together on Netflix? Yeah no. I prefer to experience things alone, because having company would feel like being watched, which would totally get in the way of experiencing.

Notice To All Patrons!

I shall return on August 7th. Be good, be kind. xx

An Observation About Nightlife

You know when you’re enjoying a night out with your friends and you’re in a cosy pub and you have a corner table all to yourselves and everything is lovely, and then someone brings out the idea that you should def. leave the pub and go clubbing? And you think to yourself why the dickens [...]

An Observation About Efficiency

I’m a fabulously efficient shopper, especially when there’s a bit of a crowd. No browsing or looking around; beelining straight to shelves 2, 13 and 47 to get what I need, pay, get out.

An Observation On Hawthorn

A friend of mine is on a mission to rid her garden of hawthorn hedging – “Die, hawthorn, die!”. This announcement has led to a thread on her Facebook page where everyone hates on hawthorn. How ugly it is, how thorny, how profuse, how impossible to kill, absolutely the plant, from, hell. I hardly know [...]

Allergic To Sound

So, misophonia. While I don’t specifically enjoy listening to people masticate, I can be quite cool about it. The sound that drives me to the point of insanity: people with phlegm in their throat who just keep talking phlegmily instead of clearing their throat. *shudder* To add insult to injury (or rather, injury to insult, [...]

An Observation About Standing Your Ground

Hey, I think I’ve evolved a little! Work today involved an almighty email conflict when a colleague wanted me to do A, because “I say so” (sic.), and I wanted to do B, for actual, practical reasons. The colleague in question is, um, domineering, and kicked up a huge fuss, involving two more colleagues plus [...]

An Observation About Figures of Speech

I absolutely loathe the following sayings: Curiosity killed the cat There’s more than one way to skin a cat No room to swing a cat … and my loathing will trickle over to people who use them. #no

An Observation About Positive Feedback

Someone: [compliments me about something] Me: *blushes* Oh, thank you!! Me, later that day: Or were they being sarcastic?