A Poem About Raindrops

HSP Nightmares, VI

An unexpected “So tell me a little bit about yourself!”

HSP Nightmares, V

At a party, cosily cooped up in my corner, sipping wine and observing humanity with interest. Someone calls out over the din: – Hey madmin, we’re talking about house hunting – tell everyone that story about yours! Sixteen pairs of eyes turn to me, expectantly.

HSP Nightmares, IV

A surprise party in my honour.

HSP Nightmares, III

Aggressively salesy salespeople.

Solitude Is Bliss

Company’s okay Solitude is bliss There’s a party in my head and no one is invited

A Quote About Integrity

All Together Now!

In youth, it was a way I had, To do my best to please. And change, with every passing lad To suit his theories. But now I know the things I know And do the things I do, And if you do not like me so, To hell, my love, with you. ― Dorothy Parker

Feeling Shivvy?

Broaden the meaning of this word to include all new/freshly-laundered-clothes-induced discomfort, and you have a new word you can use weekly.  

So Relatable: Thanks For Avoiding Me

Two HSPs  in need of downtime meet each other in the street and this happens? Beautiful.