An Observation About Awareness Vs. Attention

HSP Observations

As a HSP, I’m almost always in fight or flight mode: very aware of my surroundings and of what’s going on around me. However, unless we’re talking about flight-important info, such as where emergency exits are situated, I apparently don’t pay attention to my surroundings.

So how many street blocks are there between my neighbourhood library and our corner shop? Er… (thinks frantically)… four?? (Six.)

Where might I find a post box on Main Street? Um, I know there is one, but… (I’d just walk until I find it.)

What colour is the house at the cul-de-sac of our street? You’re talking to a person who misremembered the colour of her own house routinely for two years after moving in (I kept thinking it’s bluish grey, when in fact it’s a light, muted green).

I vigilantly scan my environment in the now, for the now, and only now. Events, not fixtures. Does that count as living in the moment? ;-)

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