There Might Go The Neighbourhood


Right, so if a change is looming in the near future that will affect my immediate environment and thus my life, should I not be allowed to have a say in said change or at least be kept in the loop about any developments?

The house next door has been put up for sale and apparently not. *sulks*

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A Quote About A Mistake



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A Quote About Liking People



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An Observation About Workplace Etiquette


Is there a polite way to ask a co-worker not to slurp their tea, which they drink at least three mugs of every day? The slurp-gulp-silence-slurp-gulp-silence-slurp-gulp is driving me absolutely bonkers. She puts milk in it and all so it can’t be that hot. #misophoniamisery

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A Poem About Raindrops



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An Observation About Flipouts


I may have just flipped out at a work meeting over a hyphen. Grammatically, it should be there, some visual folks didn’t want it there because the ad “looks better without it”. (Needless to say, I think, that as it should be there, I was of the opinion that it must be there. Why are we even discussing this?) I have now been ostracised from plenty of action because, as someone wrote to my superior, they “do not want to burden” me, as I seem “very stressed out”.

I have no regrets.

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A Quote About Getting Over



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An Observation About Understimulation


Being understimulated is as bad as being overstimulated. Uninteresting small talk with shallow people; repetitive tasks that require no imagination day in and day out; endless, unchallenging drudgery of any kind – all as likely to make me implode as stress and overstimulation.

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A Quote About Uprooting



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An Observation About Find & Seek


I would rather wander around the store for 30 minutes in search of a particular item than be a normal person and just ask a salesperson where I can find it.

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