An Observation About Presence


My uncomfortableness with being watched appears to extend to a general other-people-are-present-ness. I’m far more productive when there’s no one around – I even prefer to empty the dishwasher or vacuum the house when SO is not at home.

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A Quote About Solutions



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An Observation About The Obvious


One of the things I’ve had to learn how to do as a detail-oriented, deeply processing HSP, is to go right ahead and state the blatantly obvious out loud, no matter how silly it feels. Turns out a lot of things aren’t blatantly obvious to other people.

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A Quote About Celebration



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The Little Big Things


SO and I put up new wallpaper in my home office two weeks ago. Every time I walk into the room now I take a moment to put my fists on my hips, admire the wallpaper, smile, and sigh with contentment. Its beauty gives me no end of pleasure.

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A Quote About A New Me



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An Observation About Memories


Right: am I the only one who has a Signature Sound of Embarrassing Memory? Every time my rambling mind thinks back to something stupid/wrong/inappropriate I did/said, I go “hmh”. Not a speaking “hmh”, but a humming “hmh” (typically a G4-ish note). I go “hmh” a lot. I also often try and pretend it was a cough really. *hmh-cough-cough*

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A Quote About Vulnerability



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An Observation About Outlook


I’m a curious mixture of pessimist and optimist: I fully expect things to go wrong given the opportunity (and there’s always an opportunity, as well you know), but I’m, deep down, also convinced that everything will turn out alright in the end. I also go full on pollyanna if someone actually verbalises a doomsday expectation, and list a dozen ways in which we can prevent the doomsday from happening. Can’t have others feeling down, can we?

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An Observation About Food


Boundaries! Boundaries! The sauce must not touch the salad. Such food plating atrocities can ruin a meal.

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