An Observation About Defending The Sensitivities


Once upon a time, I was on a Spanish course. The teacher was explaining the meaning of the expression “no es para tanto” (in Spanish, you understand, it was one of those target language only courses) and used the following example: You meet a friend of yours and he’s crying profusely; you ask him what’s wrong and he says that his pet budgie just died, and then you could dismissively say ¡Ay hombre, no es para tanto! (come on, it’s not that important, don’t make such a big deal of it). Well!! I thought, oh excuse me, pets are extremely important to many people and losing them really is very hard and can leave you heartbroken, and I certainly do hope you’re not also implying that a man shouldn’t be crying, and certainly not over a “mere bird”? Because WELL!! What I said, of course, was:

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The Price of Independence



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An Observation About Hands


I talk to customers and volunteers at my workplace virtually daily, and I need help. What, exactly, is one supposed to do with one’s hands while talking to a stranger standing up? Crossing your arms apparently sends negative vibes (even if you only do it for comfort), but letting them just hang by your sides is somehow unnatural. Stick them in pockets? Is this why skirts with pockets are such a Thing? Do I need to buy a skirt with pockets? I’m currently doing a restless talk with hands – cross arms to listen – remember that shouldn’t cross arms – uncross and fiddle with shirt hem – try one hand on waist – feel silly – try both hands on waist – feel even sillier – hope customer will stop talking so I can start talking with my hands again routine.

Maybe skirt with pockets.

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You Got To Run


You feel like two different people in your soul

Feel like a loser, until you see

That as you bend

You learn to be

Your own best friend

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Always having what we want



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An Observation About Lending An Ear


While I wish to avoid conflict and negativity, my thoroughly empathetic nature leads me to lend an ear to virtually anyone who is upset and angry about something and needs to vent. Let it all out! Vent! Pour it all on me! You’ll feel better!

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My soul is impatient with itself



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An Observation About Accumulation


I fancy a bit of background music so I turn on the radio and set the volume just right. Fifteen minutes later, I come back and turn the volume down a notch. Another fifteen minutes later, I come back and turn the volume down a notch. Another fifteen minutes later, I come back and turn the volume down a notch. After about an hour, I turn the radio off. That’s enough noise stimuli for one day.

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A Quote About Tiredness



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An Observation About Manners


You want to know exactly how polite I am? I dropped a screw in our basement and it rolled into a dimly lit corner. When retrieving it, I realised I put my hand right through a spider web. With a spider on it. And said “Oh I’m so sorry, Mr. Spider”.

-No spiders were harmed during the incident-

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