A Quote About Wavelengths



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An Observation About Administration


I realise many people hate doing the occasional administrative tasks – alphabetising, filing, filling envelopes – that take time away from the “real” work they’re supposed to be doing, but for me, they are like mini-holidays from human interaction.

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A Quote About Being Different



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HSP Nightmares XI


“Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves!” Bonus horror points if you’re like second to last and miss everybody else’s introductions because you’re frantically trying to think what to say.

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A Quote About Direction



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An Observation About Imagination


So that vivid imagination HSPs tend to have – what do you use yours for?

I mainly use mine to carefully plan and predict possible catastrophes, which is why I can’t go to Ireland. I’d like to visit Ireland, but I’ve already missed catastrophes when I visited Britain and Iceland, and, really, how long can my luck continue? They are islands, which means that if something drastic happens while I’m there and all modern infrastructure breaks down, I won’t be able to leave. If I’m on the continent, I can walk home/to safety if need be (although it might take a very long time), but if I’m on an island, I’m stuck.

Also, wherever I go, I need to know there are places somewhat nearby that are more than 300 meters above sea level, because that was the height of the worldwide tsunami envisioned in a book I once read.

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Advice On The Human Problem



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An Observation About Lasting Performances


I feel such performance anxiety when I have to sign a new ID card or a passport that I always produce a very weird scribble that a) looks nothing like my regular signature, b) typically has a letter or two missing, and c) I will never, ever be able to reproduce.

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A Quote About Gentle Sifting



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An Observation About Discipline


I think one of the reasons I’ve never gotten around to developing rock-hard self-discipline is that I feel that the world is harsh and demanding enough.

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