The Introvert Special Care Package

I release this idea free to use. For all-inclusive hotels, and why not the regular sort as well. I would like to introduce the Introvert Special Care Package. What I don’t need are employees coming up to me for chit-chat. I honestly don’t know what to do with that. I can, of course and obviously, […]

An Observation About Estimations

It sucks that I hate being late and feeling rushed as I also have zero skills to estimate how long doing things will take. I need to take a shower before leaving the house; will the process take 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 3 hours? Who knows.

An Observation About Annual Leave

Hello. I am very stressed out and exhausted, thank you for asking. Two more days to go, and then I’m off work for three weeks. I very much look forward to recuperating and relaxing and recovering, as I am, very much, in need of time off. (Love my job, by the way. Still def. need […]

An Observation About Blooming

I have honestly, honestly tried to bloom where I’m planted. I can’t. My high sensitivities and extensive need for downtime mean that the life I live now is extremely draining for me. Unfortunately relocating or recreating my life has proven very, very difficult because money and jobs – neither of which I’m particularly bothered about […]

Is It Even A Real Question Though?

Plans made with couple A. HSP along with her SO looking forward. Couple A a few days before Plans: -Oh, by the way, we invited Person C to join us too, is that alright? HSP thinks OH GOD NOOOO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT I’M NOT MENTALLY PREPARED FOR THIS IT WILL CHANGE THE DYNAMIC […]

An Observation About You’re Asking Me?

One thing I really hate about my high sensitivity: random panics. When I’m asked a question and the person clearly expects me to know the answer, I panic. Should I know? Do I know? Have I forgotten? Gaaah! If it turns out I do know, I need a bit of time to get my head […]

An Observation About Comfort

For the past few months, I’ve been watching nothing but reruns of my favourite old TV shows. I’m burnt out on lockdown and worry and not seeing my parents and not being able to plan and having something to look forward to and I don’t need need the wonder and anxiety of novelty: what I […]

An Observation About Lying

Look, I do tell lies. I think being truthful at all times would be an unmitigated disaster. If someone asks me what I think about their new dress – which, to my taste, is the most hideous piece of clothing I’ve ever seen – and they obviously LOVE their new garb, I’m going to say […]

An Observation About The Opposite Ends

At work I really enjoy helping colleagues and training volunteers, but then I burn out on people and bury myself in my office in registers and website code and statistics. And I really enjoy working with registers and code and statistics, but then I get bored and want to get out my office and help […]

An Observation About The Games We Play

I put it to you that board games are not a fun, relaxing way to spend time, but a stressful minefield of possible !mistakes!, !wrong choices!, and !embarrassments!.