The Introvert Special Care Package

I release this idea free to use. For all-inclusive hotels, and why not the regular sort as well.

I would like to introduce the Introvert Special Care Package.

What I don’t need are employees coming up to me for chit-chat. I honestly don’t know what to do with that.

I can, of course and obviously, do the polite exchanges that you do when you order a drink, ask for directions, check something at the reception desk – of course I do, I’m not an ogre. I’m all for good manners, politeness and smiling. What I cannot do and do not enjoy is small talk for the sake of keeping conversation going when there’s clearly no need. It’s being done because outgoing, social people enjoy it, and I’m not one. Hence: I would like to sign up for the ISCP at every hotel I stay. No need to try and make conversation with me, let’s just smile and nod and pass each other if there are no issues to be solved at hand. Let’s not try and have a chat about the weather, or that must-see sight in town, or how I’ve liked the country, as it would mean that you would end up baffled by my mumbling and awkwardness, and I would get stressed and anxious over that fact that I’m mumbling and being awkward.

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