A Quote About Year’s End

Blood Counts

Donating blood. Saving lives. Doing a good deed. Feeling good about self. Collapsing in a nice little heap, requiring the nurse’s attention, and taking up time and space that others could be using to donate blood.


It’s been over a decade since I saw northern lights live. I miss them.

An Observation About Remembering

I can think back to the wonderful times I’ve experienced. I can remember thinking “Right now, I’m so happy I could cry”, “People would pay money for moments like this” and “This is the best feeling”. I know that I felt bliss, happiness, joy; a sense of accomplishment; gratitude. The embarrassing, mortifying moments, then, where […]

And my friends, I’ve returned to wish you a happy Christmas

A Quote About Stillness

An Observation About A Weird Sort Of Alchemy

Sheep so soft and cuddly, wool yarn so bristly and tickly, woollen garments so itchy and scratchy.

How to get what you really want

Dear reader, for close to two years I’ve lived in a reality where this was the first book recommendation I ever posted on this blog. Imagine my surprise when it turns out that this is not the case – I probably couldn’t think of a write-up that was good enough and kept postponing the post […]

A Quote About Pain And Beyond

An Observation About Firing Away (Neurally)

I move that the HSP mirror neurons be henceforth known as disco ball neurons.