A Quote About The Beauty Of Time

An Observation About Imagination

This year I sat at Christmas dinner with, among others, a four-year-old who has just discovered the joys of talking about butts, bumholes, pee and poo. He treated us to a wide variety of this imagery during the appetizers, and I think it was around the time of his vivid description of someone pooing through […]

A Holiday Coping Plan

Ok, time to plan this holiday season’s coping strategy for Too Many People And Constant Interaction. We’ll be with my SO’s family this year, so I will pretend to hear my phone and retreat into a room, close the door, and stay there for half an hour. When I emerge, I will say it was […]

Something to look forward to…

I Do Focus!

Meeting a new person involves so much new information. Appearance, name, voice, gestures, clothes, energy – all of which attack the senses simultaneously. Afterwards, my general idea of the person tends to be hazy. I might have a vague idea about their hair colour or whether they wore glasses or not. I might hazard a […]

Don’t Worry

An Observation About Noise. Or Music.

I recently attended a trash metal concert. Trash metal is not, strictly speaking, my music of choice, but my lovely SO likes it, so this goes under the heading “The Things You Do For Love”. (I have to say though that while I’d rather attend a concert of renaissance music, I can totally see why […]

Just be true to who you are

Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart But tears don’t mean you’re losing everybody’s bruising There’s nothing wrong with who you are.

A Quote About Certainty