Iis it ok to be highly sensitive?

Dear reader, It’s ok to be blonde. It’s ok to be right-handed. It’s ok to go to the gym. These sentences sound odd, right? That’s because there is no question about whether these things are ok in our society. The very fact that you’d preface something with “it’s ok to” means that its okayness is […]

Soul Scars

As Without So Within

It is very, very satisfying to sort through stuff, pack unneeded things to be donated, recycled or binned, and get them out of the house. I swear a corner of my mind is cleansed at the same time and rests a little more easy.

A Quote About Balancing

An Observation About Invitations

Getting invited to a party brings me far more joy than actually going to one.

Never forget what you are

An Observation About Hotness

I watched my SO rescue a bumble bee from a bucket of water, carefully carry it to a sunny spot on the fence, and make sure it wouldn’t fall off before it was dry and fluffy again. I could have imploded with love. Kindness is totally hot.